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"Knopfsammler" - button collector

I'm not a dealer, I'm a passionate button collector. On my website I offer surplus and duplicate buttons that I have accumulated over the years.
Of course, I am happy to consider each and every offer that I receive.
Please visit my website and take part in my button universe, whether as a customer, an exchange partner, an interested party,
a person seeking advice or just for fun.

The offer

As a collector, I prefer exchange contacts. So please consider all listed items as items primarily for exchange. However, each item that is marked "for sale" and is priced can be purchased.

Most of the photos on the website are photos of the actual button that is on offer.
If the photos are marked "sample button", this indicates that the available buttons are in a comparable condition.

My exchange offer is divided into five groups (1 to 5) and is designed to offer you a quick and appropriate selection based on the proposal you submit.

To Collectors worldwide!

A flawless multilingual website structure can only be created with your help. I am very grateful for every comment and every correction relating to linguistic errors. In the future, it is planned to have online multilingual catalogues which can be added to with graphic information from your own collection. It is important, however, that any such graphic information is of good quality and is compatible with the catalogue.

Of course, every contribution or addition included in the catalogue will be formally acknowledged therein unless you would prefer your contribution to remain anonymous, in which case you should please let me know.

Scope of the Collection

I collect all uniform buttons (both military and civilian).
For the catalogue I am also looking for photos of people in uniforms, where the buttons can be recognised or guessed.
Focus: Germany, Poland and Austria.
I am also interested in European uniform buttons. 
Focus: Monarchies - Court and Senior State Officials.
It would be a pity to let them gather dust!
Please have a look in your button box to see if you can find interesting items for my collection.

Request for information

The website generates a lot of interest. Since I manage the site by myself, I regret that I am unable to answer all the questions immediately and in detail. If you have an unidentified button, please check to see if you can find it on the website.
If you don't succeed, you are welcome to send me images. Of course, I will do my best to provide you with information about the button, but due to time constraints and other commitments, an immediate response is unlikely.
Please understand that I will only respond in detail to queries on collectable buttons.

Image protection

Please understand that a lot of time and hard work has gone into creating the images on my website. Having discovered that my images were being used on other sites and in catalogues without my permission, I have reluctantly decided to add watermarks to the images.

Objects from the period 1933-1945

So long as purchasers and those who are exchanging items do not express themselves to the contrary, they agree that the historical and military items which date from 1933-1945 and which are on offer on the site will only be used for the purposes of civic instruction, the protection against  unconstitutional and anti constitutional acts, scientific and artistic historical research, the enlightenment or reporting of historical or current affairs events or the study of military history and uniforms (§ 86a StGB in Germany). "" offers these items only on these terms and conditions. Purchasers and those who are exchanging items who purchase or exchange items bearing the emblems of the Third Reich undertake to acquire these items only for the educational/historical/scientific uses referred to above and will not use them for propaganda purposes, in particular within the meaning of § 86a StGB in Germany and undertake to comply with the applicable regulations in their home country.

Shipping costs

  • Within Germany: registered mail up to 500 g (incl. insurance up to € 25 and tracking): € 4.50
  • Within Germany: DHL parcel up to 5 kg (incl. insurance up to € 500 and tracking): € 7.00

International delivery (cheapest option) :

  • Worldwide: International standard mail up to 500 g (incl. insurance up to 20 € and tracking): € 8.00

International delivery (with tracking and increased insurance):

  • EU: DHL parcel up to 2 kg (including insurance up to € 500 and tracking): € 15.00
  • EU: DHL parcel up to 5 kg (including insurance up to € 500 and tracking): € 18.00
  • Rest of Europe: DHL parcel up to 5 kg (including insurance up to € 500 and tracking): € 30.00
  • Russian Federation: DHL parcel up to 5 kg (including insurance up to € 500 and tracking): € 32.00
  • China: DHL parcel up to 5 kg (including insurance up to € 500 and tracking): € 44.00
  • USA/Canada: DHL parcel up to 5 kg (including insurance up to € 500 and tracking): € 38.00
  • Rest of the world: DHL parcel up to 5 kg (including insurance up to € 500 and tracking): € 47.00

Shipping is at the risk of the buyer, so the buyer can choose the type of shipment, e.g. parcel or freight.
The choice is yours.


Payment methods:

Bank transfer in €: IBAN/BIC
Paypal in € - "Transfer for friends or family".
Paypal in € with buyer protection + 5% surcharge

Exact details will be sent together with the order confirmation.

Thanks to Seamus!